Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Gmessenger - What is it?

Gmessenger is the Instant Messenger that I am hoping Google will create. I'm hoping Google will take the best of MSN and Yahoo (forget AOL, it's terrible) and create the ultimate Messenger and integrate it with everything Google has to offer. See This Page for my summary of the Gmessenger concept.

If you have ideas, suggestions, thoughts or whatever, comment them here and hopefully, when Google becomes aware of our blog, they will receive and impressive amount of feedback from us.

Help us get Googles attention by sending our Blog link as feedback.

Gmessenger Concepts - Tabs

Primary Gmail Contact List - This is the primary display that shows all your Gmessenger contacts. You can change your status to a preset one, or create your own. Your screen name is fully customizable. Besides Instant Messaging people, you can also store contact information, view their profile, view their Blog profile and Orkut profile if they have one and send them email. You can also join them in a chat room or invite them to a chat room.

Blogger – Access your Mini-dashboard here. Quick Blog to any of your blogs and see recent updates to blogs.

Orkut – Which Orkut friends are online? You can see them in the top category (display much like that of Primary Gmail Contact List). View friends of friends that are online as well. Chat with people who are online and belong to your communities as well.

Google Search – Here you can view your search results in the Gmessenger window. Clicking them will open a new browser window. The Google Search at the bottom will always be there and when you click search, you will automatically be shown this tab.

Gchat – Here’s the list of chat rooms and categories. Choose a category, sub-category and start chatting. You can also create a temporary chat room. If you have an Orkut Community, start a Orkut Community Chat (it will stay active even if you are offline).

Language Tools – Need something translated? Type it here, select the language and see what it means.

Calculator – Hate math? Here’s your very own quick and easy calculator. Switch between scientific and basic displays. Browse our list of mathematic formulas and equations and if you still can’t find out what you need, do a Google Calculator search.

Favorite Link – This tabs for you. Put your favorite links here, organize them into groups or don’t, it’s up to you.

News – Recent headlines brought to you by Google News Search. Give us your zip code and receive Local News as well.